Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla Marketing

Looking for a creative marketing strategy is a constant necessity in an era when creativity has spread. One of these pervasive strategies is the marketing of Guerrillas or so-called creative marketing.

Let’s talk in detail about Guerrilla Marketing.

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  • Guerrilla Marketing at the lowest possible cost.
  • Growing Up Guerrilla marketing Guirrella Marketing.
  • What is the concept of “guerrilla marketing”?
  • Different ways to market Guerrillas.
  • Examples of Marketing Guerrillas.
  • Conclusion.

Guerrilla Marketing at the lowest possible cost.

In a marketing world, marketers compete to devise new strategies and ways to promote products and serve business owners.

One of the most effective ways to market a product is the strategy of Guerrilla marketing, guerrilla marketing or as it is called creative marketing.

This type of marketing features the application of unconventional ideas and innovative methods to reach the target audience and achieve the desired impact at the lowest possible cost.

The origins of the Guerrilla marketing.

At the end of the twentieth century, marketer Jay Conrad Levinson released a book entitled “Guerrilla Marketing”, in which he addressed the use of creative marketing strategies based on elements of excitement and surprise.

At the time, companies’ need for innovative and more attractive methods for customers increased when customers used to maintain pressure from repeated advertising campaigns. Writers were the best guide for marketers to start thinking creatively.

What is the concept of Guerrilla marketing?

The Guerrilla marketing can be defined as a marketing method based on the implementation of different marketing tricks that are creative and affordable compared to traditional marketing.

The Guerrilla marketing stimulates viewers’ feelings and prompts them to take photos and post them on their social media accounts leading to the arrival of advertising for a very large number of people.

This type of marketing can adapt to all companies with different sizes, objectives and budget.

While it’s a favourite approach for startups seeking to reach more customers at the lowest cost, it also suits large companies seeking to attract customers’ attention and create publicity buzz.

Different methods of Guerrilla marketing.

All of the Guerrilla marketing methods are based on the basic principle that the content of the campaign must be commensurate with the target audience and where the strategy is applied.

Here are several methods of Guerrilla marketing:

  • inbound marketing: This method is based on the addition of a specific attraction on the streets and public places so that the public turns to it.
  • inbound: similar to inbound marketing but depends on adding an attraction within a specific location such as: shops and universities.
  • Marketing trap: This method is adopted in most shops and malls and depends on a large audience gathering to market a product or service that provokes provocative feelings for Marines in the same location and interest them in the product.



Examples of marketing Guerrillas:

To further illustrate the image of the Guerrilla marketing follow with us examples of marketing using Guerrilla theory or guerrilla warfare.

مصاصة باونتي العملاقة

1. Bounty Giant Sucker:

Bounty made a giant lollipop and placed it all over the streets of New York City.

The Bounty lollipop attracted many people, including those who started filming it and posting it on social media, leading to the idea for many people.




2. McDonald’s Cup Of Fries:

This creative marketing campaign cost only an artist and a little paint to draw a can of potatoes on the road floor on a street, taking advantage of the yellow paint color of the traffic light.

The choice of location was ideal as people began filming a can of potatoes from their balconies and posting them on social media sites.

McDonald’s is one of the world’s most used companies for street Guerrilla marketing.

بطاطس ماكدونالد العملاقة

Many of the major or start-up companies’ advertising campaigns rely on Guerrillas as a new low-cost creative method.

This type of marketing can be applied to whatever the customer’s eye falls on during the day to promote your product such as advertising by public transport, metro stations or in malls and public places.


Eventually the Guerrilla marketing is an innovative strategy to promote your products.

It allows marketers to innovate, think outside the box, and reach targeted audiences in innovative ways.

Contact us now to start implementing creative marketing ideas for your field at the lowest possible cost.

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