What is guerrilla marketing?

The marketing world is like a jungle… be a guerrilla!

You probably understood from the previous sentence that your brand should be different to attract customers. If you did, then you got that right!

Guerrilla marketing is one of the fastest advertising tools to increase brand awareness. It depends heavily on unconventional methods used to generate an element of surprise. A campaign that achieves customer surprise and shock is usually very successful.

Why is guerrilla marketing effective?

It’s called guerrilla marketing because it emphasizes the concept of being different. To be memorable, your campaign has to trigger something different. This is where traditional advertising becomes inappropriate to use. Traditional advertising offers nothing catchy nor attractive.

conversely, guerrilla marketing plays on grounds of eye-catching, creative, and interactive advertising. Consequently, 90% of marketers use guerrilla marketing in advertising campaigns to create interactive connections with their audience.

In one of Dettol’s campaigns in Asia, they used guerrilla advertising in one city only.  Product sales in this city went up to 86% in comparison with other cities.


Types of guerrilla marketing.

There are various categories of guerrilla marketing, and all of them are just as useful. However, you need to know which one would best suit your campaign and brand. Below are the different types of guerrilla advertising.


In this type of advertising, a brand uses the publicity of an event or concert for its own good. This is done by engaging in promotional activities during this event to attract the audience.


Different from Stealth advertising, marketers use this type in outdoor urban locations. This can be in the form of placing a piece of the product on a statue, a building, a bridge, or other outdoor objects. An example of this would be to make the statue of liberty hold a can of coke.

Buzz marketing:

Surprisingly, the advertising here doesn’t aim to persuade customers to make a purchase, but It aims to create a state of buzz and conversational interaction with your audience. Thus, marketers use this advertising type to have a large emphasis on maintaining the product in the minds of the audience.


The campaign here aims to create a bond between the brand and customers. Therefore, marketers who use this kind of marketing look to create a strong engagement with their targeted market. This can be done through interactive games or content that attracts customers.

Hopefully, this article will convince you to include guerrilla marketing as part of your marketing strategy.

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