A picture is worth a thousand words!

We live in the era that no one has time to read anymore, everyone is looking for shortcuts for anything, and rarely do you find someone who is still eager to read long posts or articles or even books.

Photography is the core of modern digital marketing—when you focus on photography, it will help your business stand out in the crowd.

And although video and text are important elements of digital marketing, nothing is better at attracting attention quickly than a simple photo.


Instant information sharing

Instead of using long texts or articles in the process of telling your audience and information, you can use your photographs to spread a powerful message that’s imparted at a peek.

Our minds are prepared to pick up on nonverbal signals, and photos tap into parts of the brain that are impossible to reach through text or audio. When you combine it with the right text, pictures are the most powerful tool at your disposal.


Provoke your audience feelings

People react strongly to pictures: although text and audio can be effective for sharing selling points of your product, they can’t quite pack the same emotional punch as the photograph

Advertising-wise, it’s important to remember that humans are rational beings: Emotion is very important for selling any type of product, and pairing the right emotional elements with a compelling pitch can lead to far greater advertising productivity.


High engagement rate

Digital marketing is a very well-studied field, and the results from decades of research are quite clear, photos encourage engagement rates and increase the possibility of people to act.

No matter how powerful your digital marketing material is, it can only succeed if it provokes people to reach out to your business or take the purchasing action.

When using photos, you must consider your call to action (CTA) and make sure your image is working to encourage action.