Difficult challenges you can face in your marketing plan
Difficult challenges you can face in your marketing plan! There are many steps to make a successful marketing plan strategy, and none can be easy. From generating new customers to using effective marketing tactics on Social Media, the digital marketing challenges faced by agencies can stand as obstacles to success.

Bringing in new clients

More than ever, advertising agencies rely heavily on content and digital marketing to develop their customer base.Generating content marketing clients is effective, but you have to create your own content and online marketing approaches in terms of content, start posting articles about notable marketing publications online that will help you benefit from a wider audience base.

Maintaining existing clients

Average customer retention time is only 0-12 months for 30% of agencies. This is a major problem, given that existing customers spend more and less costly than bringing in new customers.How do you keep your clients longer? Again, start with content sending your current client’s resources that can help them get the maximum use of your products and services sending personal messages, and gifts, and using events such as birthdays and customer arise as an excuse to send offers and messages.

Organization of time

With the generation of new clients, time management has become the most common challenge for advertising agencies. There is much to care about in terms of electronic marketing.

Some time management advice:

-Give yourself a limit on the amount of time you’re working on a project, and don’t get over it even if you don’t finish your job.-Avoid working on one mission for too long.-Project division into three categories: This week, next week, this month, then prioritize accordingly.

Recruitment and training of new staff

The best way to manage this is to make sure you have a job description already created of the different roles within your department (which you update as needed), as well as an effective and specific recruitment and training process. Having these things helps limit any defense when it’s time to hire someone.

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