If you are a copy writer, then you must know these formulas.

Copywriting is one of the many content creation types, it’s mainly a method of writing that is used to get an audience to act, and even if it seems a bit easy to some people, but the fact that it’s not, because nowadays copywriters are all over the world, with different types of copies everywhere, how would you make sure that your copy stands out?

This shows the importance of using formulas, because different formulas work for different goals, content types, and writing styles so that it fits different goals and needs for each copywriter.

Let’s now present to you three of the most effective copy write formulas:

 The first and the most famous of them all, AIDA

AIDA is a famous copy writing formula that many copy writers use for their content, is stands for:

-ATTENTION: persuasive writing

-INTEREST: attract the reader’s interest in the related product or service

-DESIRE: make that reader desire the product or service

-ACTION: in the end, make the reader take a specific action


The 4Cs formula

-Clear: Your copy must be understood by everyone, use small words, short sentences, headers, and bullet points.

-Concise: This is conveying information in the fewest expressions.

-Compelling: it interesting enough for your audience to read.

-Credible: your copy must be credible, based on facts.


The PAS formula

-Problem Get your audience attention by calling out the specific problem your product or service solves.

-Agitation Then you must make them feel those problems by agitating them.

-Solution After giving them a problem then agitating them, now it’s time to give them a solution, and you must make sure that the connection between the problem and your solution obvious to all readers.