Healthy Social Media

Healthy Social media

Healthy Social Media Experience the Digital Transformation with Healthy Dairy Products. We’re honored to be the driving force behind their online presence, crafting strategic digital marketing campaigns that bring wholesome goodness to your screens. Discover how Healthy Dairy Products is changing the game in the dairy industry with our expert digital marketing services.  Sara Advertising […]

Fire wood Social Media

Fire wood Social Media

Fire wood Social Media Ignite Success with Fire Wood Works! We’re proud to fuel the digital marketing efforts of this fast food haven. Join us as we blend quality, speed, and a flavorful online presence to serve up a winning digital strategy that leaves customers craving for more. Experience digital marketing excellence with Fire Wood […]

KY Trademark Social Media

KY Trademark Social Media

KY Trademark Social Media Fueling Success for KY Trademark: Our Expertise in Social Media Management. Explore our partnership with KY Trademark as we elevate their online presence. Discover how we unlock the full potential of your business through cutting-edge strategies, tailored campaigns, and a strong online presence. Let’s achieve your digital marketing goals together.  At […]

Mazra3tna Social Media

Mazr3tna social media

Mazratna Social Media Embark on a culinary journey with Mazratna’s organic beef, where we showcase our creativity on social media. Experience the art of sustainable, pure flavor through visually captivating content that celebrates nature’s bounty. Join us in savoring the creativity and taste of Mazratna, one post at a time. At Sara Advertising Agency, our […]

Sara Advertising

Sara Adevertising social media

Sara Advertising Agency Social Media Embark on a creative journey with Sara Advertising Agency‘s social media expertise. We specialize in crafting visually captivating content that tells a unique brand story. Our focus is on engaging the right audience, positioning your brand effectively, and igniting conversations that resonate with your target market. Join us in elevating […]

Sleep Comfort

Sleep Comfort

Sleep Comfort Social Media Experience the art of sleep with Sleep Comfort, the Lebanese mattress brand now available in Egypt. Our digital marketing agency specializes in showcasing Sleep Comfort’s creativity through an digital-optimized strategy. From crafting captivating social media campaigns to strategically positioning the brand to reach the right audience, we’re here to redefine your […]


Logos & Corporate Identity-Digital Marketing

-Logos & Corporate Identity -Digital Marketing Story Hatchir Designs is an architecture engineering company specializing in interior and exterior designs and consultancies. Concept We wanted to create a distinguishable elegant identity for Hatchir Designs to reflect their high quality and elegant designs. Results We created a unique corporate identity with homogeneous colors. Also, we executed […]

Les Dames

Les Dames

Digital Marketing Story Les Dames is a patisserie brand established since 1979. It offers French pastries with fine taste and elegant presentations. Concept The idea was to create a digital marketing campaign for Les Dames to grow its business and attract customers. Results Our team was able to develop a killer campaign that focused on […]



Digital Marketing Story Colors Kids Wear is a clothes factory specialized in making kids’ clothes from 1 to 14 years old age, with a competitive price. Concept  We wanted to launch a digital Marketing campaign for Colors Kids Wear using real photos and videos of their clothes to promote the high quality of their materials. […]