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Increase your brand visibility, growth, and profitability by synchronizing both together with our consultants.

After 17 years of experience, we discovered that one of the most common faults is not merging between the two teams of the business development and marketing department.

First of all, let us explain What’s the Difference?

While both business development and marketing are responsible for growing the firm’s client base, they each have separate roles in achieving the same goal.
Here is a brief definition of each team roles and responsibilities:

Business Development: Responsible for forming partnerships, strategic relationships, and other professional contacts in target markets to bring in new clients.

Marketing: Responsible for understanding the needs and wants of the target market and developing a strategic plan to establish the firm’s overall messaging, benefits, capabilities, and for communicating those out to the target audience.

So, both have the same goals of engaging with new prospects and retaining old customers. With Sara’s Advertising consulting services, we will work on both sides together.

How to Get Business Development & Marketing to work together?

With a better understanding of both roles and how collaboration can be beneficial, the next question is, in what ways can they collaborate?
Fortunately, there are plenty of opportunities for joint activities that align with client-focused priorities. Here are a few:

Strategy development – From several years of experience, business development and marketing should work together hand by hand to determine the best strategy for communicating the company’s message, following up with leads, and measuring the results of both teams working together.

Content development – The marketing team should create educational content like blog posts, articles, and webinars on topics that business development believes will resonate most with the target audience.

Campaign development – Marketing’s role should be to create and promote campaigns, including events, while business development reaches out to the target audience for follow-up.

Speaking engagements – Marketing can work with business development to pitch to the firm’s SMEs to speak at different professional events and conferences. Meanwhile, business development should attend these events to meet prospective and current clients and follow up afterward.

Seeking a marketing strategy & consultancy to help grow your business?

The most effective strategic marketers use deep customer insight to drive segmentation, targeting, positioning, and offering development. This ensures that your marketing plan is grounded in marketplace realities to best meet clients’ needs.
Our marketing strategy consultants employ a disciplined approach and a broad range of analytical tools in mapping customer needs to marketing necessities, and then aligning the offering with target client requirements.
The result is improved performance, as demonstrated through our clients’ increased sales, efficiency and revenue.

In Sara’s Advertising, we advise our partners on the best ways to increase their brand awareness as well as reach their customers. Moreover, to evaluate their current marketing efforts and make suggestions for improvements, plan and implement with our network of services to improve their marketing campaigns.
We are marketing experts when it comes to landing safely with overseas brands and SME’s companies in the Middle East and Egypt.