Video ads are the number one way for consumers to discover new brands & they are super effective in increasing brand awareness.

In Sara’s Advertising, we will help you increase your sales by using video
ads designed based on careful studies of your target audience and the
content they prefer.
We will share with you the planning and implementation of your business
development and marketing map with more than 17 years of creative

What will you get from videography?

-Video ads on social media get high engagement rates & they are easy to watch
and share.
-Investing in video ads guarantees 89% positive ROI results.
-83% of marketers say that video ads have contributed to better lead
-Video ads help 90% of consumers when making a purchasing decision.
-97% of marketers confirmed that videos helped their potential customers
to understand their products.
-Consumers are 64-85% more likely to purchase a product or service after
watching a video ad.

“If content is king, Video is its crown”

Videography is an essential part of your digital marketing strategy, it gives a face and voice to your business.
A video is an effective tool through which you properly communicate your story, moving your audience to feel, think, and behave in a certain way.
When it’s done well, video can be one of the strongest drivers of conversions no matter your type of industry.

We are experts in creating videos that increas sales and engagement.

We create videos that have the power to stand out in this crowded marketplace.
We help you represent a well-crafted video to capture the focused attention of viewers, and we’ll drive them to take action directly or share with others.
We infuse the story with clever messages and meanings to make sure that your idea reaches your audience correctly.