What is conversational marketing?
What is conversational marketing? There are two types of people, early birds, and night owls. And every type has its interests and preferences that change over time, so companies have to be aware of the different circumstances that lead to this vital change and tailor their services according to customers’ needs.And to achieve success in the long term, you have to create a long-lasting conversion with your actual and potential customers to develop a cohesive rapport with them, and this will happen through an excellent approach called ‘’Conversational Marketing’’.How conversational marketing could affect your business?It’s a contemporary approach used by some corporations and its main goal is to be with users as much as you can through daily and friendly conversations with users.What are the models of conversational marketing?Chatbots: It is an artificial intelligence software program, and it is featured by its natural language and friendly tone of voice, as users can start the conversation with one of the topics pre-prepared by the system ‘’Chatbot’’ and automatically the system will respond according to the question asked.-Live chats: It is software or an application that can be added to your website, it helps you to make a real-time conversation with the users.Chatbots and live chats are used in different areas for your business like:-Email marketing-Forms-Landing pages-FAQSReal examples of conversational marketing:-Domino’s Pizza:They developed a recent system called ‘’ Domino’s Anywhere Initiative’’ that allows customers to order pizza from different applications like Facebook, Slack, Twitter, Etc. by only texting the watchword ‘’ Pizza Emoji’’-Sephora:It is a popular worldwide cosmetics brand, they use messenger APP to learn more about their target market, by letting the users answer questions related to their age, preferences, and favorite products.

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