What is visual search?
What is visual search? Texting is the most popular form of searching but it is not the easiest, when we search for anything we just put in a keyword, then the search engine provides the related results.But did you ever use pictures to search for a specific product or service? This is called “Visual Search’’, although it considers being one of the lesser-discussed models of search, but is used by many search engines and social media platforms including Pinterest, Snapchat, Amazon, and Google.Visual search used artificial intelligence techniques, and it is easier than text search because when you just search for something by picture, it is more likely to get a suitable result.Visual search is a vital part of a ‘’sensory search’’ which includes searching by text, voice, and pictures. 

What are the main players used in visual search?


It was introduced in 2017 and boasted over 600 million searches every month, and it announced in 2019 that Pinterest has the ability to recognize over 2.5 billion items, and according to statistics, proved that 90% of users purchasing decisions are dependent on the information taken through this technology.

-Google lens:

It was launched in 2017 and deems to be the most popular visual search platform in the world because it is featured advanced search engine capabilities.

How do companies get benefited from visual search?

– it helps corporations to build a strong rapport with new customers, as visual discovery allows consumers to generate a more emotional connection.-It encourages actual customers to purchase more and more and doesn’t suffice the services and products that the company offers.-Increasing revenues consider one of the expected results from visual search technology, and Forbes magazine, it predicted that the visual search market is set to be worth not less than 25$ billion

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