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Why does Instagram consider to be one of the most important modern social media marketing means?

Undoubtedly, Instagram deems to be one of the fundamental social media channels all over the world, either when you’re managing social media channels for large corporations, or SMEs, or you are using it to promote your personal brand identity, so, maxing your marketing strategy with Instagram techniques is a must.

Instagram depends mainly on visual content

Sharing visuals is the most suitable way to educate the audience about your brand, and to build a strong rapport with current and prospective customers.

The customer-based approach is more accurate than the product-based approach in gauging your efficiency in the market, and focusing on feelings maximize the potentiality that Instagram provides to the audience to encourage the emotional response to your brand identity, and accordingly, you will get a positive effect on the success of your work especially in sales and retaining customers.

You may reach a huge number of prospective customers through marketing on Instagram.

With more than 700 million monthly users on this platform, Instagram offers potential customers for companies. And publishing on Instagram gives you an opportunity to sponsor Ads to reach more prospective customers, and this will help you invest in time and budget.

A picture is worth a thousand words, and Instagram uses this quote and implements it from different perspectives every day!

Instagram depends on visuals specified according to special criteria on the internet, and according to statistics, visuals are proven to disseminate more than written content, and the companies’ owners who share visuals in their content receive shares for more than 90% compared to companies which didn’t use it.

If you own commercial activity, Instagram is a suitable platform especially if you’re working in retail or sell specified products. Many customers prefer to check the product before purchasing, so the pictures of your products reinforce the purchasing power of the customers and help them to get brief about your company, and what you are selling?

Instagram is a platform designed for sharing beautiful photos, so why are you not giving your customers the visuals that make them come back?

You may not use Instagram as a marketing tool so far! but your competitors may have done?

So you have to use Instagram to follow up the activities of competitors, and to know how they are dealing with their customers? What is the type of content they publish? How many times are they published? Did they make contests on Instagram? Through answers on these questions, you will be able to explore some of the best practices in the industry and apply the creative strategy that fits you.