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Why you must measure brand awareness .

Why you must measure brand awareness on social media.

Brand awareness measurement is one of the hardest marketing KPIs you can track, it is very hard to measure its effectiveness and do ROI calculations.

Brand awareness is a concept that’s very important for brand managers, they always put strategies on how they can increase it, but measuring brand awareness accurately.

What are the metrics you can track is social media brand awareness measurement?


The Reach:

The number of audiences who saw your content, when your organic reach grows, means you’re growing the size of your audience by gaining followers or earning many shares.

This metric will be very effective for you if your brand cares the most about how many people know who you are and are familiar with your brand’s name and products.


Engagements rates:

The engagement rate is the number of comments, reactions, and shares that your posts receive, or the average number of comments, reactions, and shares per post.

This shows how much people interact with your page’s content, which Indicates how much your brand reverberates with them.


Your brand’s mentions:

Your audience often uses names of brands to refer to them in different posts, so when you monitor the discussion, it can provide you with very valuable information, it can also lead to honest feedback and objective insight on your brand.


Using surveys:

If measuring the reach, engagements, and mention didn’t work, surveys might be your only way to measure brand awareness.

Surveys are a great way to discover if a certain demographic is aware of your brand, also there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to surveys: you can send surveys to a specific audience, you can ask specific questions about specific products, and they can be online or offline, whatever suits you the best.

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