How could you benefit from ‘’User Generated Content’’?
How could you benefit from ‘’User Generated Content’’? Generated Content is one type of advertising that is entirely created and controlled by the company.Have you ever tried a product or service, and then send a good review to the company or service provider?Overwhelming experiences have to be shared, and this tactic in the marketing world is called ‘’User Generated Content’’, which means any content created and published by users of a specific brand, and it is an unpaid effective tool that leads eventually to the brand success.User-generated content (UGC) has many forms like images, videos, social media posts, reviews, and testimonials.The most popular example of this tactic is the ‘’Cocacola campaign’’.Do you remember when Cocacola personalized coke bottles, put different names on the bottle, and asked users to share their experience with their name by sending photos or videos?In UGC, consumers themselves play the role of the promoter of a specific brand.

How do companies benefit from UGC?

– if the brand wants to implement the UGC technique, they have to keep up with trends that attract audiences in different markets, and users perfectly know which brands provide authentic and transparent experiences.-It is a cost-effective method, as companies pay nothing and it leads to long-lasting results.-Generate a high percentage of ROI, according to ComScore statistics, brand engagement rise by 28% when users are exposed to share their experiences. Are you looking to organize successful advertising marketing services? We would like to introduce Sara advertising as the leading advertising agency in the region. We can support your digital marketing services in the MENA region; through our office in Egypt.We are an all-inclusive, advertising and digital marketing agency focused on creating unique, iconic advertising experiences, we merge creativity with practical application to elevate brands.Sara advertising integrated digital advertising agency that shares creativity and innovation to provide brands with strategic marketing insights, strategic marketing planning, and strategic creative solutions.Our team of strategists, marketers, digital marketing managers, and business developers integrate seamlessly with your business to execute A growth plan that generates new leads by building your brand identity in target markets, Through the services you provideAdvertising, digital marketing egypt, corporate event services, Web Development, SEO services, logo creator, Content Creation, Web Design, marketing strategy, Motion Graphics, Brochure Design, Packaging Design, Videography, event management, Corporate Identity, catalogue design, Printing Solutions, Animation Design, event productions, Internal Branding, Commercial Photography, Display Solutions, social media marketing, branding design, Radio Advertisements, TV Advertisements.Contact us: +20 1111906422                   +2 01144409743 

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