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What is influencer marketing?

What is your taste? It seems to be a general question because tastes diversified according to needs and different circumstances, but now with the existence of bloggers and influencers, our tastes become more vulnerable, so we as independent humans, how to deal and engage with these endless opinions?

This drastic shift in social life driven by influencer marketing? Let’s go deeper into this marketing tactic and how it affects consumers!

Primarily, Influencer marketing has 3 main objectives:

-Increase brand awareness

-Reaching new audiences

-Generating sales and conversions

And according to statistics. It is proved that 71% of marketers said that the quality of customers driven by influencer marketing is much better than other sources.

There are many types of influencer marketing, but in this article, we will focus mainly on the ‘’ Social media influencer’’ who exists on social media platforms like, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Tiktok, and they get followed by millions of people. Actually, they have no specific topic to talk about, but they share content about a wide range of topics like Lifestyle, diet, travel, fashion, and beauty.

 Influencers affect consumers purchasing decisions, and 49% of audiences based their opinions on influencers’ points of view and ideas.

The audience would like to build long-lasting relationships with influencers by engaging and interacting with them through questions and answers on Instagram, or videos on Tiktok.

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