How to use Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing?
Life is so stressed and busy, and we should utilize our time properly by putting alternatives to simplify work systems and reinforce customers relations, and after a deep search, we found that ‘’Artificial Intelligence’’ is one of the leading approaches that enhance the success of many fields, especially ‘’Digital Marketing’’.In the beginning, we will give you a short introduction about ‘’Artificial intelligence’’, which means the use of computer science with the help of smart machines that are able to perform tasks that are actually made by humans.AI helps the workforce to better manage their time, use their creativity in a suitable way, and mechanize routine works, and according to AI Predictions, it says that 40% of digital transformation services will use AI, and the overall AI industry will grow to 190$ billion.AI is a key for Digital Marketing success!AI plays a fundamental role in connecting brands with their targeting audiences, and there are two main examples of using AI in digital marketing.1- Chatbots:It is one of the common systems of AI that increases the efficiency of user experience and allows users to ask about products and services, and the chatbot provides an automatic reply for users or directs them to the website for further details.64% of Americans agree that the best advantage of chatbots is that they provide 24/7 service2- Personalization of content:With the help of AI, it tracks the steps of users on the website and their actions. AI helps to market similar products and services that you’re already interested in, so it helps to segment the audience according to their spending habits and purchasing power.According to Forbes statistics, 51% of decision-makers admit that cost reduction is the area where AI is delivering fast, and it helps businesses to achieve profits and save more money.

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