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What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Needs differ among humans, and everyone has their own interests and behaviors, so companies should specify their objectives according to consumers’ needs, and this would help brands to perfectly align the plans according to different consumer needs.

And there are 2 forms of marketing strategies brands use to reach out to consumers in different markets.

1- Inbound marketing:

It is a permission-based marketing methodology used to help users take a quick purchasing decision towards a specific product or service, to attract prospects by using targeted keywords to increase conversion rate and convert leads into customers.

And there are two main forms of inbound marketing,

-Earned media: like digital PR, newspaper & magazines, online reviews.

-Owned media: like website blog, youtube channel, and landing pages.

2- Outbound marketing:

It is a traditional and interpretive-based marketing way, which means that companies use non-digital strategies to attract consumers’ attention, and this strategy is a little bit difficult because of the crowded competition in different markets, so a small percentage of the audience (Potential prospects) will listen to brands interruption and be converted into successful customers.

And brands use various forms in this strategy that is driven by ‘’Paid media’’ like,



-Direct mail

-Billboards and signage

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