What is the importance of creating a brand identity for your company?
What is the importance of creating a brand identity for your company? Do you have an existing company or thinking of launching a new one? There is an important step you have to know, which is “Building a Brand Identity“, and implementing it on your startup in an innovative way is one of the fundamental factors for your success in the future. Let’s talk in this article about brand identity in a general way.

What is the meaning of ‘’Brand Identity’’?

It is the magic mixture that any company uses to reach the target audience and helps it to create feelings that are established in the minds of its customers, and appeared when hearing the name of the company or seeing its logo in an online or offline advertisement, and this mixture includes many elements, like:-Names of the products or services offered by the company-Logo-Designs-Pictures of the company and its productsBrand identity is one of the indispensable assets that are difficult to change, and if this is done after years, you should take the opinions of the department of marketing consultations in your company, and taking into account the marketing tactics and competitors around you, and one of the most influential examples of rebranding and its negative impact on the company is ‘’Uber’’ when they redesigned the logo, and it proved at this time that about 44% of its customers were not able to recognize the brand, and this confirms a strong message that if you suffer from lack of sales or something like that, so don’t change your brand readily, but there are more successful solutions such as: changing your marketing strategy or make new marketing research. 

What is the importance of your company’s brand identity?

1-  Your company is part of YOU

The brand identity meaning comes from its name, as it adds a unique personality to the company. And the logo, which is one of the most important elements of the brand identity, has a major role in determining the tone of voice that you speak with your customers, and also helps them understand the company’s message. 

2- Search for differentiation

We are always looking for excellence, and if you own a company, differentiation is certainly something that many people agree with. Brand identity helps your company stand in a different position from the rest of the competitors, and if this positioning reaches your customers effectively, surely expect success for your company as soon as possible. 

3- Loyalty of your customers

Some people thought that investment is only for money but in fact investment in everything around you. So if you have a customer base, you should invest in it by creating a strong, long-lasting relationship with them, and then you can achieve the expected profit, and after that bonding and loyalty take place. One of the most famous companies that are characterized by the loyalty of its customers is ‘’IKEA’’ they design products based on customer’s needs, and without doing a poll or questionnaire, they thought of something more personalized, which is visiting homes of customers and knowing their needs, and the result of the marketing research proved that the residents of America need the wardrobe more than the Italians, and this has already brought them great profits, and they gain loyalty from both American and Italian customers.

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