Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Identity!
Do you think that profit achievement is the only concern for companies’ growth?In reality, there are many other things to consider as a company in your overall strategy like Corporate Social Responsibility ‘’CSR’’.What is the CSR?It is an effective method many companies consider which means integrating business operations with social and environmental concerns, just to achieve a balance between social profits and sales revenues. And also CSR helps many parties including employees, investors, and society alike.How CSR affects brand identity?-Enhance customer perception of your brandCSR activities help corporations to gain potential prospects and retain actual customers, and also it attracts people’s attention by raising awareness for social campaigns in different industries.-Increase accountability to investorsMany people thought that investing in CSR activities is a waste of time and money, but a report by Aflac proved that CSR is an indicator of a strong corporate culture, and this company is less likely to encounter big missteps like ‘’Financial Fraud’’.And also 61% of investors consider CSR activities as an ethical behavior to lessen investment risk in different industries.

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