How to use minimalism in social media?
Minimalism is used in managing funds and how to spend and save money! But now minimalism is related to everything in our lives, even social media.Many social media experts and marketers lose a lot of money because of bad management of budget related to a specific Ad campaign or using platforms that didn’t fit the events in recent times.So, minimalism is the best approach to handling social media conflicts that happened every day.

How to start a minimalism journey?

-Specify reasons for using social media!Make sure that your social media are clear to embark on your journey systematically, and identify your priorities as either your expert or even an amateur.There are many social media objectives if you want to connect with your friends, promote a business, or share memes and comics!

-Many platforms are distracting!

Choose the platform that perfectly fits you, you have to regulate your behavior on social media according to your interests, as the fewer social media platforms are used, the more accurate results you will get.Every platform is designed for different interests that will surely meet your needs at different times and avenues.So, f your sole objective is to share pictures and stories, so Instagram is the perfect choice for you!

-Specify a daily time for social media usage!

In this step, you have to pay more attention because managing time would help you to enhance productivity and foster your minimalist mindset.