What is social commerce?
‘’Product for every consumer’’, is the main goal of many online businesses in social media nowadays. For instance, most Facebook groups are established just to sell products and gain profits.And unfortunately, most of them didn’t build a good rapport with their customers, but their endless objective is just to make money. This process in social media is called ‘’social commerce’’.What is social commerce? social commerce means selling products and services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. and It includes all purchasing steps starting from the shopping experience, product discovery, payment, and checkout.

What are the advantages of social commerce?

-It helps consumers to be more interactive with the sellers, create long-lasting rapport with them, and increase credibility and transparency in case the online business provides products and services that actually fit consumers’ needs.-It aids consumers to consult their friends regarding their favorite product, and this takes place in the same place in which products are available and people are active.-It gives opportunity to potential customers to change their minds quickly whenever they see a new Ad regarding a product or service.Social commerce creates a win-win situation for both seller and buyer, as the buyers get all that they need with good quality and affordable prices, and sellers achieve the maximum profits, and also help them to get quick feedback from their customers regarding the products and services they offer in a short time which it is also depends on the business environment and the number of followers

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