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On social media, Avoid these mistakes


If you’re selling on social media, avoid these mistakes

The social media selling process became one of the most popular and effective sales methods, and as social media platforms grew in popularity, businesses began to know how essential social media is to their sales process.


Focusing on sales and profits rather than customer relationships

Social media is the place where people connect and engage in a personal way so, when a business joins social media and gets straight to trying to close the sale, it brings a bad image to your business.

When you start entering the social media sales world, you must focus on the community and offer value to your audience, and only then you will build meaningful relationships where customers like to view your page and buy your products.

Post content related to your business that is informative, relative, interesting, thought-provoking, helpful, etc. Keep a regular stream of posts coming so people know what to expect from you and so they stay engaged.

You should be authentic, share live videos, share interesting facts, have a sense of humor, share important news, respond quickly, focus on important industry changes, provide good customer service.


Non-specific targeting

One of the most common mistakes in the social media selling process, is non-specific audience targeting, social media and especially Facebook, is a very competitive place to advertise, so, you need a specific clear message to a specific well-chosen audience to be effective, and if you sent your message to everyone, it’s not likely to be effective on anyone.


Using the wrong platform

There are lots of social media platforms you can use in the selling process, but not every social media channel is created equal because the platform’s popularity may not mean it’s an effective tool to reach your ideal customers, and if you are having trouble finding success on social media, it may be because you’re not using the same channels as your targeted customers.

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