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Which content could cause you to lose your audience?

All marketers tend to believe that the content they provide is error – free, in some cases it may be true, but the reality is that if you’re not careful about the content you offer, it can lead to significant damage to your brand and since it’s important for brands to understand what the public wants to read, what’s interesting about it and what might lead to a loss.

Recurrent content:

According to the statistics, 23% of the Media Social audience hate frequent content, brands in every industry consistently publish content in an effort to achieve the same goal.

Be careful with this, the greater the consumer’s perception of a content, the less impact it will have, if your brand is the third or fourth to share the same part of content, and the impact will be significantly less.

Repeat content on all Social Media channels:

Some different channels of Social Media for a clear reason are intended for different purposes and meet the needs of different types of audience, and for this reason, posting the same message on each of these channels does not allow you to speak to your audience in the way they expect.

Published content without a picture

According to the statistics, 17% of the Media Social audience hate content published without a picture or video, so while people still enjoy reading, consumers enjoy more than just text.

Every social media platform is progressing significantly towards using photos and videos, so you should look to make this a standard in your overall content strategy.

Too Much Publication

You need to maintain an active presence on Social Media but publishing so often can be so disturbing that followers choose Unfollow.

Be aware that your audience will not see all your content and the perfect number to post on Facebook once a day at most twice during times when you might get the most response.

Failure to comply with the facts

Authenticity is the key to keeping your followers posted or shared incorrect content or later proved that would result in the loss of a large number of your audience.

Check before you share that what you’re involved with is true and check your facts and move away from spreading false information.

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