How to use Halloween to strengthen your social media marketing?

Life changes dramatically, and people started to link different occasions to their daily doings interchangeably, so what do you think about Halloween and how people engage with this occasion?

Let’s talk briefly about the Halloween celebration and how it affects social media!

Actually, we didn’t see Halloween decorations in outdoor famous stores, but on the contrary, we engage with the same brands on social media by offering us creative and catchy designs, as social media is considered to be the main engine that pushes people to engage more with the brand. 

And also people didn’t wait for anything on Halloween except discounts and offers from their favorite brands and a few catchy designs that would touch their hearts.

Here we will talk about how to use Halloween as an annual profitable asset for your brand?

-Change your audiences’ mood!

Many brands started to grab customers’ attention by providing them with surprising gifts and unpredictable giveaways, like ‘’MiniSo’’ it’s an international brand that makes an announcement 3 days before Halloween and welcomed people to come and they will make free Halloween makeup for customers

And also ‘’Dunkin’’ offers people donuts with different shapes that perfectly fit Halloween occasions.

-Send Halloween – themed newsletters!

Some companies depend mainly on newsletters to be always in customers’ minds either for branding, sales, or even awareness, so sending a newsletter with the Halloween theme deems to be a funny and artistic action that would drive lasting profitable results.

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