Branded marketing Vs. traditional marketing

What is branded marketing?

To know what best ways to use it, you first should wrap your mind around the concept of “branded marketing”.  Brands are now using it to reflect their brand values, vision, and identity.

It aims to generate cognitive and emotional responses from the corporate target market. Corporations use branded marketing to build and strengthen their brand equity as well as achieve marketing goals.

While it’s new in comparison to time-tested marketing methods like press releases, banners, and display ad campaigns, branded content has been around since the beginning of marketing but with less usage compared to nowadays.

It’s not always about pushing a product.

While traditional marketing is often about strongly promoting a product or a service, branded marketing doesn’t share the same vision.

Branded marketing is more about highlighting brand values and messages.

Traditional marketing campaigns can focus heavily on video content, social media-promoted ads, influencer marketing, and outdoor media for the sake of promoting a newly launched product, sales promotions, and offers, or even adjustments in services

On the other hand, all branded content forms have just one thing in common: promoting brand equity, message, and identity. It is more than just a campaign, it’s an art that emotionally connects your brand with your target market and helps form a bond with them.

Storytelling is key!

One of the most effective tools through which you can create branded content is storytelling. Humans are born storytellers, we love listening to all kinds of engaging stories, and we thrive on them. This is why marketers have been using this to their advantage. They create an engaging narrative that increases brand recognition and recall.

According to Nielsen’s report, branded marketing scored 86% brand recall while traditional promoted ads scored only 65%.

Examples of successful branded content.

Below are two of the most successful examples of branded content that were able to communicate their brand identity to their target market by engaging them emotionally in the story.

1- Dove | you’re more beautiful than you think.

Dove’s story is one of the most successful meanings of branded content. The idea was to promote natural beauty and self-confidence. Dove did this in a very smart way where they got an artist that drew portraits of individuals without seeing their faces based on their description of themselves. Then, he drew the same person based on the description by someone else. The more accurate portrait was the one other people described of each other.

The ad established an emotional connection with the target market and reflected that people’s insecurities are not seen by others and that they were more beautiful than they thought they were. Dove was very successful in communicating its brand values to the audience in this campaign.

2- Red Bull | Skydiving from space.

Another mind-blowing storytelling campaign is the one made by Red Bull “Skydiving from space”. The campaign introduced “Felix Baumgartner”, an Austrian daredevil, parachute jumping from the edge of space with millions of individuals watching this spectacular moment live. The campaign proved that humans can break the speed of sound when free-falling!

This was a great example of reflecting brand values and personality into content that attracted millions of individuals around the globe.

6 Tips for creating flawless branded content

Here are some tips you should include in your next branded content:

1-  Don’t be afraid to show emotions

2-  Be real

3-  Engage your audience

4-  Show, don’t just tell

5-  Be specific

6-  Determine the tone of your message

Remember: it’s your story, and no one can tell it better than you.


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