What is the relationship between packaging design and marketing?
Packaging design is an integral part of your brand. It forms the future of your company from the beginning and can be a major factor in determining its viability.It is an important aspect of brand development, as packaging design determines the value of the brand and how it is portrayed.It can be argued that packaging design contributes to more than 80% of the reason why a product is chosen over a competitor’s product, the more easily they leave the product whenever they feel a better product.Packaging design is more than logo design, images, page layouts, and unique fonts that include your brand identity and a generic aesthetic; It’s the point that ties your company to your brand, and eventually to any potential client.At every stage of building a marketing campaign for your product, the main question is how do you create customer engagement, how do you turn that engagement into your desired outcome, and how does the advertising experience become brand loyalty?Design is what makes the pitch and develops into an emotional response from your clients and how your marketing materials flow, images that connect to your brand, colors, shapes, and feelings of your work in the customer’s mind often depend exclusively on your design decisions.Marketing is the conversation you have with your customers and engaging them with your product. The brand is the character you’re planning on in that conversation. In the age of social media, excellent design can be the element that drives your company forward.Sometimes, the Organization can create a cost advantage by either reducing the cost of individual value chain activities or redesigning the product and redesigning means changing some aspects of the design so that it can be manufactured at a lower cost.

When your product is great, the marketing process is much easier.

Basically, customers are attracted by what they see and the value they perceive from the brand, which is largely dictated by the way the product is designed.Marketing involves trying to convince people to see the quality of your brand and the values it can generate with good product design, more than half of this whole process.

From a marketing perspective, a good packaging design would be:

-Gives the brand a positive point on competitors-Help attract customers directly from your target market-Gives your brand an acceptable preference-You have a big vision, and you contribute to brand growth.-Distinguishes you from other competitors-Increased return on investment

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