Digital marketing legends 

There are many tools and tactics that come with the evolution of technology, but some basic marketing principles will stand the test of time. These principles are the best practices behind the most successful marketing strategies, which will always remain valid.

And if you look at the greatest businessmen and community leaders through, but what made them so great?

The marketing industry is general, moving so fast that it is difficult for it to remain aware of the latest trends and what’s really happening behind the scenes (changes in Facebook ads, new Google ranking factors, new marketing tools, etc.).

A good marketer who wants to master his craft needs to constantly test, experiment with new tools, share his ideas with society, discuss and learn from others while exploring many modern online marketing methods.

A lot of marketers are thinking about going back to the first catalogs of marketing and the great direct response writers as some of the great ones in marketing. From top executives to genius artists, each had a marketing path

Let’s now start to learn about the greatest marketing minds of all time and find out what lessons you can start to apply now.

1- Steve Jobs

He is one of the most innovative marketers of all time and his primary focus was on creating the best possible designs.

Jobs kept his marketing messages vague and focused on the movement they created. He embraced being different and innovative, and that’s clearly shown up in everything he’s done.

One of his most important beliefs is that innovation is “what distinguishes between leader and subordinate.” Instilling that belief in the way that design has been incorporated into all its brands and products.

2- Seth Godin

Some call him a marketing genius, were pioneers of digital marketing and email marketing and were among the first to protest aggressive and disruptive online marketing. Seth began by pointing out that marketers should not be browsed by everyone online with their messages only because email is cheap to send, so marketing only works if the recipients accept your messages.

He’s the best-selling author and entrepreneur in the marketing of ideas in the digital age.

Seth is one of the most known names in marketing today, and his blog is one of the busiest pages on the Internet

3- Walt Disney

A lot of things can be said about creativity, passion, and design of Walt Disney, a man who was able to see the possibilities where Disney turned central Florida that was humid, and difficult to cross at the time, into wonderland.

When Walt Disney World was built, Walt encouraged all his employees to use and enjoy riding. Their proposals improved experience in ways that he could not imagine for himself.

The Pirates of the Caribbean are known for their journey. Even before the famous film franchise, it became one of Disney’s most popular attractions of all time.

4- Neil Patel

Neil Patel is an author, businessman, and marketer. He started his first website, Villa 16, and his own marketing company a few years later, and he’s helping companies like Amazon, NBC, HB, and Viacom grow its revenue.

He enjoys helping SMEs grow using innovative marketing techniques, producing authoritative and long – form content about Google Analytics, SEO, and Facebook ads.


5- David Ogilvy

When it comes to advertising, no one beyond David Ogilvy’s fame and charm is also called in the field of marketing and advertising, “Father of Advertising.”

There are countless lessons that can be emulated in real life, and it’s been very practical, insisted on clarity in business communications and respected the time and intelligence of its audience.

It’s one of his most famous quotes: “Never stop testing, and your ads will never stop getting better.”

Take inspiration from these experts and let their successes guide you to go further, which will make your own voice and strategy as a market ever clearer – and one day, you will join the list of marketing greats.