How could Building Social Media positive relationships with your customers?
How could Building Social Media positive relationships with your customers? Using Building Social Media long-lasting relationships with customers is fundamental, as it is a place where your customers spend most of their time, and they always need quick answers to their inquiries, so social media is the perfect tool for them.There is a big opportunity to build positive rapport with customers through social media, and the statistics proved that 87% of customers said that their engagement had a positive impact and increase the probability of purchasing the product from a specific company, and this is enough reason to manage your relationships with customers through social media. 

Quick response to customers!

If you haven’t enough time to respond to your customers on social media, so your relationship with customers is more likely to fail, customers always expect quick responses, and if they didn’t get solutions, they rapidly change into unsatisfied customers and they will share their bad experiences on social media through reviews, and according to ‘’The Social Habit’’ magazine, there is 32% of customers expect responses within 30 minutes, and 42% of them expect within an hour, and 57% expect that you will respond at late night or even at weekends. 

Engage with your customers!

Always start the conversation with your customers by their first names to reinforce personalization, as it will build brand loyalty and increase revenues in return. 

Contests and giveaways!

Rewarding customers is an effective way to build a strong rapport with customers, as contests may have different goals, as it also helps to get full acknowledgment about your customers. 

Customers’ reviews!

Reviews become more important for commercials, as it helps to reinforce your position in social media, and accordingly, increase traffic in the website and therefore revenues.                                                                                                 

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