How do brands build customer loyalty?
A simple dialogue happens between friends before every outing, starting a conversation by one of them by asking “where will we eat today?” responding by other, saying “Mcdonalds’’ of course.This is not just a dialogue, but it’s something broader named in marketing ‘’Brand loyalty’’

What is brand loyalty?

It is a trust matter between consumer and brand, which means that customer continues to purchase from the same brand, and this loyal relationship is driven by different preferences, like high quality, reasonable prices, after-sales services, ETC.And according to the Yotpo survey, some statistics proved that 35.5% of shoppers said that will spend on products and services if they are loyal to the brands.This is a simple brief on how brand loyalty affects consumers generally. And now we have to shift to the other partner which they are ‘’Brand/Company’’.

How do brands build customer loyalty?

1- Engage with customers

Engagement is one of the main attributes for building strong and long-lasting relationships with brands, and now social media is considered to be the main player to achieve this by publishing engagement posts to enhance conversion rate, and accordingly increase sales.

2- reasonable prices

There is a difficult challenge many companies encounter which is offering products with reasonable prices that meet high quality, this one considers to be the main drive to build customer brand loyalty.

3- Listen and learn from customers

Understanding your customer need and knowing their pain points will aid you to offer products that meet consumers’ preferences.

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