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Mistakes to avoid on Black Friday

November is the month that we all wait to catch offers that brands provide on Black Friday, and many brands in Egypt consider black Friday as a whole month, not just a day or even a week.

We always question, do black Friday achieve a win-win situation for both customers and brands, or just consumers who attain gains and save more money?

In this article, we will talk briefly about popular mistakes brands shouldn’t do to maintain their reputation and make profits.

1- Focusing only on discounts

Some brands assume that discounts are the only attraction for customers, but actually, there are other stuff we should consider like,

-BOGO Sales: this means that brands provide offers like, buy one and get one free, or buy one and get second with 50%

-Free shipping: This strategy is good especially for people who depend on online shopping, as it enhances purchasing power, and eventually increases overall sales.

2-Targeting wrong customers

Brands that depend mainly on online advertising to increase sales, have to adjust their targeting audiences to get good results, as the more you broaden the audience, the more your messages will be seen by the audience.

3- Not collecting customers data

Black Friday is a good chance to build a strong customer database, emails and contacts are the main keys to maintaining a long-lasting rapport with your customer, and it will aid in drastically increasing sales.

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