Warda Corporate identity

EL WARDA CORPORATE IDENTITY Concept Is to cobine between circle shape & Arbic letter By using Dynamic Logo Technique . A dynamic logo is the one that has the ability to change its shape, color, and wording. Such a logo can recreate itself to suit to a particular context. Som etimes, the designer can simply […]


Mithaq Corporate identity

MITHAQ AL ARABYA CORPORATE IDENTITY Concept The main idea in designing this logo is the combination of the shield, which is a symbol that is often used in law and consulting logos Legal, which gives the client a sense of protection and confidence and enters with the shield character in harmony and curved lines to […]


Baher Aldamssy Group

BAHER ALDAMASY GROUP CORPORATE IDENTITY Damasy Group is a world class business investment, business development as well as aviation specialist company Damasy Group was formed for the purpose of further developing commercializing, and operating the business concept identified and includes any subsequent iteration of the business investment concept developed by Damasy Group & Partners Concept […]

Algo Gas Identity

Algo Corporate identity

Algo Gas CORPORATE IDENTITY “ Once we deliverd project at creative studio we decided to play so easy so smart indirect way in simple and modern way in the maintarget ” Concept In this direction we use geometric shaps to indicate lattre A and latter A In creative combination which make mind thinking In the […]

Dak Identity

Dak Corporate Identity

DAK ENGINEERING CONSULTANT CORPORATE IDENTITY The Office of Competencies specializes in the field of architectural engineering consultancy, interior design and planning, which is based in Riyadh We apply the best standards and the latest concepts for engineering consultancy, urban and architectural design and site coordination through project management with an effective vision that pays attention […]

Petro Flair Identity

Petro Flair Corporate identity

PETRO FLAIR CORPORATE IDENTITY Concept In this Option we make combination between Our company name Petro Flair , oil Drop anduse flare instead of letter i Create your corporate identity now! More Projects?


TBC construction TBC CORPORATE identity project

TBC CORPORATE IDENTITY Our company name is respected in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for its commitment to strong values, high work ethic and professional results contractor in the KingdomTBC Contracting is classified as a “Class A of Saudi Arabia TBC operates in many lines of business including roads bridges, railways, buildings, equipment operation and […]


Nard POS System

NARD CORPORATE IDENTITY The story behind the word Nard that whatever your field and business activity is, you are always the winner with NARD as we adapt the payment system to work to facilitate and provide all the history of any payments or purchases through your field of work NARD team It is a team […]

Eat Light


Logos & Corporate Identity Story Eat Light is a healthy food company specialized in making tasty light meals, snacks, and juices for healthy lifestyles. Concept We designed their packaging with a color palette that is associated with health and well-being to reflect their corporate identity. Results We were able to create a distinguishable corporate identity […]



Logos & Corporate Identity Story Candy is a self and home care brand specialized in making body and dish soap at affordable prices. Concept The idea was to create a logo and corporate identity that would reflect elegance, softness, and efficiency with unique golden color shades. Results Our creative team was able to create an […]