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Marketing During Crisis

Marketing changes dramatically in the workplace according to variations in customers’ needs and competitive threats, and to surpass these crises you should have a flexible marketing during crisis plan that can be modified easily according to market changes

Some variations are easy to handle, but what can we do with huge crises like a failure in production, shortage in sales, financial crisis, or even an epidemic? As the permanent problems affect the workflow significantly.

Prioritize Short-term Goals

Sometimes, it is wise to modify the short-term objectives and review performance in the long-term, and then decide which goals are much related to your team and overall success.

Emotions are priceless

One of marketing during crisis stategies is using emotions.There is a great opportunity in crisis times to prove you have interests more than achieving high profits, try to recognize your customers’ needs and luxuries.

How can your products solve customers’ problems in crisis times? You should have a customer service team to reach your customers through SMS and social media and help them to overcome new challenges.

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Offer Solutions

One of marketing during crisis stategies is that you have to concentrate on providing solutions at a suitable time and acknowledge the fields that could be more effective like social responsibility and donations that non-profit organizations provide in this sector, and also technology and special skills are needed to develop solutions or mitigate the negative impact somehow.

Share results

It is important to share results with society in a smooth way, and if you achieved high profits in a specific season, you should tell people the ways you made to get profits through mail campaigns and social media.

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Stay Positive

In crisis times you should always get inspired by creative ideas applied by companies in different industries, as it is noted that especially in difficult times we should always share emotional stories as it helps to build long-term relationships with customers.


In summary, adapting marketing during crises strategy is imperative for sustained success. Flexibility, empathy, problem-solving, transparency, and positivity are your allies in navigating turbulent waters and emerging stronger on the other side.