Effect of inflation on e-commerce

Inflation is the ghost that haunts economies all over the world, but does it haunt e-commerce as well? Or is e-commerce one of the fields that benefit from inflation? What is inflation? The definition of inflation is a measure of the rate of rising prices of goods and services in an economy. When inflation occurs, […]

Impact of using nostalgia on brand

There are many types of advertisements, and every day a new Ad campaign takes place, some of them are positioned in audiences’ minds, and others are quickly forgotten. Actually, advertisements differ according to seasonality, and also consumers’ reactions vary according to recent circumstances, feelings, and emotions. It is agreed that nostalgia advertisements are the most […]

How to use minimalism in social media?

Minimalism is used in managing funds and how to spend and save money! But now minimalism is related to everything in our lives, even social media. Many social media experts and marketers lose a lot of money because of bad management of budget that related to a specific Ad campaign or using platforms that didn’t […]

What is social commerce?

‘’Product for every consumer’’, the main goal of many online businesses in social media nowadays. For instance, most Facebook groups are established just to sell products and gain profits. And unfortunately, most of them didn’t build a good rapport with their customers, but their endless objective is just to make money. This process in social […]

Social media tactics learned in 2021

We learn new lessons every day in our life, and those affect people’s perceptions towards different things like purchasing decisions, lifestyle routines, brand loyalty, and ETC. In 2021, marketing face significant challenges, especially social media become the main driver of most marketing strategies, which in turn helps the marketers to know which marketing tactic is […]

What is the importance of brand reputation?

Brand reputation is one of the fundamental elements that brands should consider, as it drives by different things like providing affordable prices, high-quality products, after-sales services, and ETC. If a company has decades of experience and existence in the market does not only mean that they have a good brand reputation,. How does brand reputation […]

Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility on Brand Identity!

Do you think that profit achievement is the only concern for companies’ growth? In reality, there are many other things to consider as a company in your overall strategy like Corporate Social Responsibility ‘’CSR’’. What is the CSR? It is an effective method many companies consider which means integrating business operations with social and environmental […]

How do brands build customer loyalty?

A simple dialogue happens between friends before every outing, starting a conversation by one of them by asking “where will we eat today?” responding by other, saying “Mcdonalds’’ of course. This is not just a dialogue, but it’s something broader which named in marketing by ‘’Brand loyalty’’ What is brand loyalty? It is a trust […]

Mistakes to avoid on Black Friday

November is the month that we all wait to catch offers that brands provide on Black Friday, and many brands in Egypt consider black Friday as a whole month, not just a day or even a week. We always question, do black Friday achieve a win-win situation for both customers and brands, or just consumers […]

How could you benefit from ‘’User Generated Content’’?

Have you ever tried a product or service, and then you send a good review to the company or service provider? Overwhelming experiences have to be shared, and this tactic in the marketing world is called ‘’User Generated Content’’, which means any content created and published by users of a specific brand, and it is […]