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Facebook is not enough for digital marketing!

We spend around 6 hours every day on the internet, and 75% of this time is mainly on social media websites.

This encourages startups and companies to participate in the marketing world through social media and paid ads.

But the problem that many marketers encounter in developing digital marketing strategies on social media is a limitation on Facebook and Google only and they didn’t invest in other social media platforms.

Social media advertising is any type of paid content on social media networks. And it is a form of advertising concentrated on social media platform services, and every platform offers different choices and distinct ways for marketing.



If you seek advertising effectiveness in social media websites, Twitter provides a great opportunity to get considerable returns.

More than 320 million monthly users send more than 500 million tweets daily, Twitter makes advertisements through social media platforms worth time.

Targeting the audience on Twitter is different from other platforms, as it depends mainly on targeting major phrases used by users on Twitter.

You can just figure out the list of related keywords, and every time users utilize these keywords in their tweets, accordingly engagement increases, and the users will be added to the targeted audience that will see your Ad.



With more than 645 million users, LinkedIn is the leading channel for marketers among business to business (B2B), and around 92% of B2B marketers preferred using LinkedIn among other platforms.

LinkedIn is the most successful social media website in terms of finding new customers. And whether you have a company or even a startup it is important to make a LinkedIn page, and to make sure that it is updated regularly with the information that existed on the company website



It has approximately 1.8 billion active users, it is the most popular website in the Google search engine, with more than 1 billion hours spent daily on video views.

When it comes to marketing, YouTube is considered to be a suitable alternative and great addition to Facebook, as it is characterized by accurate targeting and other features that made YouTube a perfect substitute for Facebook.